Holidays with free child places for many families can sometimes make a real difference to the overall cost of their family summer holiday. These  holiday offers are especially popular in certain holiday hotels that would otherwise be unavailable.

The availability of these offers can be limited especially over the popular school holiday dates where finding a free kid's place can be difficult and most in demand. In some respects this can work to your advantage as most people are either to lazy, don't know what to do or rely on a travel agent that does not deal with all the holiday firms limiting your options.

Just about everyone knows it pays to shop around and to help you do that so you can find the cheap holidays with free place deals or get an offer in a particular destination. To qualify for the reduction it is normal that the children share the same unit/room as two full paying adults. It can be a two bedroom apartment or a large family room with a seperate bedroom. 

Remember most people are lazy and will not bother to shop around – make sure you do and find as many free holiday place deals you can using the free child holiday links below.

Free child places holidays

Jet2 Family Deals

Find the best family holiday deals and Jet2 holidays free places

Kids go free holidays

Tui Holidays

Lots of great Tui holiday hotels perfect for all the family with free

Family Vacations with free child

First Choice

Check out the holiday Villages for great family facilities & free kids deals.

Family Hotels with free kids places

easyJet Holidays

Family holidays in hotels with great facilities and free kids places.

Free Child 2023 – 2024 Holidays Links

These links will take you to any free place searches where possible however many companies do not feature special free child holiday searches. Don't look at this as a problem as many other people will give up searching leaving the cheap family holidays free child deals for you! – Links open in a new browser window.

We do appreciate that for some holidays abroad with these offers can be the difference in getting away however have a look and see what else is available just in case. So don't panic if you don't find a free place and have a plan B option in place if possible by checking out alternative hotels, departure dates, departure points and destinations.

All Inclusive Holidays with Free Child Places

Cheap all inclusive family holidays with a free child place are one of the most sought after of all the child go free holidays. Not only is one child travelling free on holiday they generally get all their drinks and meals for nothing as well! As you can imagine the all inclusive holidays a free child place is one of the first to sell so preparation is required especially just before the new holiday seasons brochures go on sale.

Popular options for all inclusive holidays with free child places include the Holiday Villages, Tui Blue For Families (previously Family Resorts and Tui Family Life Holidays) and Skytours Holidays which offer cheap all inclusive holidays with free places.

First Choice Holidays Free Kids

One of the most popular options for families is the holiday village holidays with free kids deals as these deals can really help reduce the cost of these great family hotels. The Holiday Villages free child deals are offered on an all inclusive holidays basis 

Holiday Villages

The Holiday Villages offer facilities that help make holidays for families there memorable for all the right reasons. Holiday Villages have kids' clubs, family entertainment, outdoor adventures including treasure hunts, an aerial assault course, family theme days and more. There are lots of holiday villages to choose from in Greece, Spain, Turkey, Egypt and other destinations. Holiday Village deals also require two full paying adults staying in the same accommodation/room as the child.

Skytours Free Child Holidays

Skytours offer a range of value for money holidays in hotels and self catering apartments all over the popular holiday destinations around Europe. They also offer child free deals in many of the family friendly properties they feature including the ones offering the popular all inclusive board basis as well. Skytours is part of the Tui holidays group which includes Tui Holidays and First Choice holidays so you have access to their massive range of flights from airports around the UK to lots of great holiday destinations.

Tui Holidays Free Child Holiday Deals

Tui Holidays free child places

The Tui free child place deals are available at a number of the hotels and apartments they feature. As you would expect the  accommodation offered  generally features child friendly facilities. There is a large number of destinations to choose from that feature free kid's hotels and apartments so you have a great range of options to choose from.

Tui Holidays kid's places are featured in their Tui Blue For Families Holidays (previously Tui Family Life Holidays) brochure as well as some of the Tui Handpicked holidays as well. For anyone looking for a more luxurious holiday there are even Tui even offer these deals on their Tui luxury holidays such as Platinum and Tui Sensatori holidays as well.

Exclusive Accommodation

Tui Holidays do have a number of hotels and apartments that are exclusive to them and the only way to book a holiday there is through Tui so getting a discount or a free place can really help reduce the cost of your family holiday.

Make sure you book as early as possible when you are happy with the price you are paying. Tui Holidays generally offer a low deposit deal so you can book your holiday with a free child place and not have to pay out more than you need.

Best Time to Book Holidays For Free Place Deals

Generally the best time to book holidays with a free place is when the new season holiday brochures go one sale. The holiday and travel firms are keen to get your early booking and offer booking incentives like these and low deposit offers to get your holiday reservation. If you have missed this main booking period don't worry as the holiday firms do add more child place holidays to help encourage holidaymakers to book.

If you are planning on booking as soon as the new brochures go on sale have a look online or in some of the holiday brochures to see what hotels featured free child holiday deals. This way you know what hotels are most likely to offer child free holidays and can have a few options ready so you can book right away and reserve your holiday with a free place.

All Holiday Free Child Places Are Not The Same

All holiday free kids offers are not the same so make sure you check and see exactly what you are getting before you book your holiday. Two travel companies may offer the same hotel and the reason one is cheaper is because some of the facilities are not included in one companies price. This is fine if you do not require those facilities but not so good if you are expecting to use them when you arrive.

Check and see what is included in the price with the company you are planning on booking with on their web site only. Try telling your kids that they can't go to the kids club because you got a cheap deal that doesn't include access to the kids club! If you check before you book this will reduce your chances on having issues when you arrive. You are going on holiday to enjoy yourselves not the opposite. These deals also depend on two full paying adults sharing the same room with ang free child place.