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Free Child Places Holidays 2025

Many holidaymakers with kids look for free child place holidays as a great way to save on the overall cost of their family holiday. In some cases getting a free child holiday place is the best way to get a discount at certain holiday hotels. Free child places are also a great way for holiday companies to increase sales at selected hotels or apartments at certain times of the year. Free child places can be hard to find during the popular family holiday dates and in particular the school holiday dates so finding a free child place during the school holidays is a very popular option for obvious reasons. Fortunately there are a number of holiday firms that offer free child holiday deals such as Tui Holidays, First Choice holidays and others.

Tui Blue for Families Holidays (formerly Family Life hotels) and the First Choice Holiday Villages are a good example of this and you can find Tui holidays free child places at these hotels and others. First Choice all inclusive free child places at the holiday villages and other properties are exceptionally popular as all their holidays offer free child all inclusive deals with all the benefits that an all inclusive holiday offers. For further information on how to find free child places go to our free child holiday section for tips and advice on how to find your free child place holiday deal! > click here

Tui Holidays 2024 – (Summer 2025)

Tui Holidays 2024 + 2025 brochures and range of holiday options give holidaymakers lots of choice when selecting their ideal holiday. Tui Holidays 2024 brands include holidays for families with the Tui Blue for Families 2024 holidays which have lots of activities, entertainment and amenities for a perfect family holiday in great 4 + 5T rated hotels.

There are also Tui free child places (subject to availability) at the Tui Family Life hotels as well as with the Tui value for money Skytours 2022 holidays brand. Skytours free child places are offered at lots of properties from hotels to self catering apartments with lots of destinations to choose from with lots of local flight departures to get you there. The Tui free child places holidays are very popular so if you are looking to take advantage of one of these deals it is usually advisable to book early.

If you are looking for a more luxurious holiday then have a look at the Tui holidays luxury hotels offered with the Tui Platinum and Tui Sensatori holidays. Tui Sensatori holidays are offered in 5T properties with amazing locations, amenities, cuisine and excellent service as well. Most of the Sensorati properties offer spa treatments as well and there are Sensatori options for adults and families so nobody needs to miss out on a great Tui holiday.

For anyone looking for an adult only holiday experience there are holidays for you as well. Tui Blue For Two holidays (formerly Tui Sensimar) offer an adult only holiday experience with cuisine, facilities and entertainment to suit so say goodbye to kids' clubs and discos and hello to great live music instead. Also for adults in the Tui Gold holidays range offering a few different options for an adult only holiday experience.

Tui Holiday dealsMarella Cruises 2024- 2025 are a popular and growing option for many people looking for a different holiday experience. It's like being on a floating hotel and waking up with a new holiday destination to explore if you want. Marella Cruises are available from different locations to give a great choice of ports to visit and with local departures to meet the ships as well. Tui River cruises 2025 offer ships sailing on the Rhine, Danube, Moselle, Main and the Dutch and Belgian waterways. Plus their new river cruise ship that covers the Nile.

Tui all inclusive holidays are very popular and this popular board basis is offered throughout the many different holidays they offer. This way you can enjoy Tui holidays all inclusive holidays on luxury holidays, adult only holidays and family life holidays as well. There are even Tui all inclusive free child places with Tui and Skytours at selected properties and dates. Marella Cruises all inclusive holidays are also a popular choice as everything is included whilst you are away.

You can book direct on the official Tui UK holidays website where you can take advantage of any online discounts and discount codes on offer as well as get live updates on free child places. Not only will you be able to get a discount for booking direct you can also use the Tui low deposit deal to book for a reduced deposit and get your holiday booked to guarantee your dates, accommodation and any discounts, upgrades or free child places > click here

All Inclusive Holidays 2025

An all inclusive holiday for many offers great value and also peace of mind against any unwanted bills at the end of the holiday for snacks and drinks! For many holidaymakers knowing what the total cost of their holiday is going to be when they book is very reassuring. When you also include the fact that an all inclusive holiday offers great value it is no wonder that these holidays are so popular. You can relax knowing that the family can order drinks which in a hot climate is important plus if they are hungry and want a snack they can get something to keep them going. Many all inclusive hotels offer activities, childrens' clubs and special events for those that like to keep busy while the rest work on their tans. There are special holidays such as the First Choice Holiday Villages that offer an all inclusive experience packed with activities and facilities for all the family. Tui Family Life and a few other travel firms also have family all inclusive holidays to choose from. Some holiday companies even offer all inclusive free child places on their popular family holiday hotels which can help reduce your overall family holiday costs when you book. If you don't have children travelling with you or you want a more adult holiday experience then there are even adult only all inclusive holidays to choose from such as the Tui Sensimar or by selecting adult holiday hotels with most holiday firms. For more information on all inclusive holidays check out our all inclusive holidays guide > click here

Holidays With Waterparks 2024 – 2025

Holidays with waterparks offer a new dimension to the traditional holiday hotel swimming pool! You no longer have to settle for a main pool and a kids pool at the side why not get multi-lane slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, tube slides, speed slides and more. There are now a number of holiday hotels with waterparks either on-site or nearby where you will have access to as much sliding and splashing you could want for the duration of your holiday. There are a few holidays with waterparks to choose from and as usual the larger holiday firms like Tui have not been slow in offering this popular holiday option.

Just because you are looking for holidays with waterparks does not mean you are restricted to a couple of destinations as there are now a number of hotels with waterparks to choose from in destinations like the Canary Islands, Greece, Spain, Egypt, Turkey and more. Not only do you have lots of water park destinations to choose from, you can also book all inclusive holidays with waterparks as well as kids' clubs. Holidays with waterparks are obviously popular with families and there are waterpark holidays with free child places so you don't have to splash out as much to book up.

Winter Sun Holidays 2024 / 2025

Winter sun holidays are a popular way to escape the generally terrible British winter weather. A winter sun holiday can also offer a positive impact on your health as well as giving you something to look forward to especially during the longer periods of darkness and cold. It's a chance to relax, refresh and perhaps feel healthier and more able to cope with the rest of the winter. Like most holidaymakers the number one priority for a winter holiday is the weather and fortunately there are a number of destinations that offer it. It's not surprising that the Canary Islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fureteventura and Gran Canaria are all popular throughout the winter. Other popular winter sun holiday destinations include Egypt, Thailand, Caribbean and Cape Verde. Depending on how long you have will determine most holidaymakers choice of destination as you don't want to be spending a lot of time travelling.

This is why Egypt and the Canary Islands are so popular as you can fly direct from most UK airports and you have a good chance of getting the best weather. Other winter holiday destinations such as Majorca and Benidorm and Turkey offer a good chance of reasonable weather at certain times however they are still popular all year round and offer the best value for money. When it comes to winter sun late deals destinations like Majorca and Benidorm are likely to be the best value however they don't have the same guarantees of better weather as other more expensive destinations. There are a number of holiday and travel firms offering winter sun holidays such as Tui winter sun holidays, First Choice, easyJet Holidays holidays and more. For further details of winter sun holidays click here > Winter Sun Holidays Guide

Package Holidays 2024 – 20245

Booking a holiday can be a difficult process and an expensive one if you get it wrong. There are still a lot of travel companies after your holiday booking and some are more reliable than others.

The first thing is to make sure that the holiday company you plan to travel with is a member of A.B.T.A. (The Association of British Travel Agents) This makes sure that you are covered financially if the holiday company goes bankrupt. If this happens when you are on holiday attempts will be made to get you home as quickly as possible. There are also procedures in place so if you have a complaint upon your return.

A holiday company should also have an ATOL licence. (Air Tour Operators Licence) This is a legal requirement for anyone selling a package holiday involving a flight and another service such as car rental or accommodation.

A lot of travel agents are using what is called in the trade “Dynamic Packaging” This is nothing new as most travel agents have tailor made holidays for clients for years. The main difference now is that it is more common and is more likely to be used on short haul flights to Spain, Italy and Greece etc.

Most travel agents simply login to their computer systems and find a suitable flight with an airline and then add accommodation. They can even add car hire, airport transfers and even the services of an overseas representative. Travel Agents started to make their own holidays for clients as the main holiday companies reduced the commission they were willing to pay to agents.

If you are planning on making your own holiday by booking cheap flights with a low cost airline and then getting accommodation make sure you are aware of the problems you may face. If the low cost airline decides they are no longer flying the route you have booked you could be left with accommodation you can't get to. You would they face cancellation charges or forfeit the whole cost of the accommodation and any other services you may have booked. Once you get there you are on your own, so if there are problems with the accommodation and the management no longer speak English you may have to grin and bear it.

If your accommodation has not been reserved by not very good hotel booking agency .com then you could find yourself with no where to stay especially during the busy holiday periods in the summer or even worse Christmas and New Year. Many people do travel this way without any issues and some don't.

Holiday companies offer great value and especially if you are able to take a last minute trip in the quieter seasons. With the competition from travel agents dynamically packaging and low cost airlines they have to be more competitive on price than ever before. Make sure you compare all the options before you book and remember having the backup of a holiday company and their resources is probably worth paying a bit more for.

It's your holiday and you work hard all year for your money to pay for it so don't take any chances with it.